The folding doors are used more and more frequently as industrial closing systems and the technological level achieved in the production of panels and bearing structure makes the manufacture of doors bigger and bigger possible, offering new solutions for important fields like:shipyards and airports.

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Surface Treatment

  • Standard door color is white & gray.
  • Available for customized color by RAL color series.
  • Galvanized steel hardware surface treatment is anodized galvanized.
  • Aluminium alloy hardware surface treatment is spraying painted.

Safety Operation

  • Manual folding door operated by latch &handle.
  • For motorized folding door, clutch can be used to open the door when automatic lock in closed position.


  • Special RAL -color is available for one-side panel / two-sides panel / hardware.
  • Lower-noisy motor optional(different speed can be set up by motor).
  • Double-layers glass or single-layer glass.
  • Tempered glass or PC panel.
  • Wicket door and visual window are available.

Different Operation

  • Remote controller
  • Card
  • Geomagnetic
  • Sensor
  • Radar

Opening Direction

Door Design

24V Motor Optional

  • Liquid crystal display panel (multiple language ),easy to install and test.
  • Electronic limit switch, precise and stable for limit open&close.
  • Connect the external device manually.

Single-Skinned Folding Door

  • With modern and futurist look
  • A flexible door
  • U value is 1.1W/M2 ‘K
  • Noise can be reduced in 55 dB

Fire Brigade Folding Door

  • Fireproof folding door.
  • high-speed opening / normal speed opening optional.
  • The fastest speed up to7 seconds;normal speed between 16-26seconds according to door width.

Double-Skinned Folding Doors

  • Extremely good heat insulation UD = 1,9 W/m2
  • Quiet door action,easy operation
  • Storm proof up to wind class 4 (144 Km/h)
  • Smooth and extremely quiet door action due to new guide technology
  • Easy and quick installation – without welding
  • Low-wear and maintenance-free components
  • Long service life
  • Also available with threshold-free wicket door
    (suitable for escape routes and emergency exists)
  • Robust and flush mounted door leaf made of 57mm or 77mm thick elements

Subway Folding Door

  • Invisible door frame design: the door frame is made of cold-rolled galvanized steel, and designed with U-shaped concave and convex grooves molded by imported rolling machine. It was covered with 0.6mm to 1.2mm of galvanized steel plate or aluminum alloy plates on both sides, foamed overall.
  • Energy saving: The door has multi-section structure which can save energy by parts of the door be opened to reduce the heat loss.
  • Insulation: Foaming density 59KG/m3.The door top frames use high-density double-layer brush, each door panel sealed with EPDM.
  • Top rail: The top rail is made by 4mm  galvanized steel plates,and mounted directly on the side wall.
  • Bottom water deflector: The bottom water deflector is made of 2mm thickness aluminum alloy guide with a angle of waterproof slope (or more special design configuration). The bottom water deflector is configured as standard for more than sections/panels in a single door, and it is optional for less than two sections/panels.
  • Hangling wheels: Hanging wheels are made of sealed bearings and PA66 nylon.four wheels design can increase the strength and make the door move smoothly.
  • Panel thickness
  • door panel material is galvanized steel or aluminum, thickness is 0.6mm-1.2mm.The thickness of panel is 57mm or 77mm.
  • Door and element size: Standard element width is from 650mm to 1200mm; 77mm panel,Max.height is 13000mm; 57mm panel,Max.height is 8000mm.

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