Anti-pinch aluminium alloy industrial door

Our glazed industrial door was made of aluminium frame sections and glazing elements is extremely light permeable and provides an elegant optical appearance to any warehouse building. The glazing shapes and patterns can be designed individually. Optimum light incidence creates a positive and pleasant work environment. It  was widely used in high-end auto 4S shops and all types of business premises.

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Panel Design Option

Aluminum Alloy Frame Option

335 model
The door width Max. reach to 4500mm.

336 model & 336A model (Patent model)
The door width Max. reach to 5500mm. Reinforcing bar is 80mm, thickness is 2.5mm.

336A version (Patent model)
The door width Max. reach to 6000mm. Reinforcing bar is 100 mm, thickness is 2.5 mm.

337 model (Patent model)
The door width Max. reach to 8000mm.Reinforcing bar is 100 mm. thickness is 2.5 mm.

Hardware Option

  • Glazed Part: 5mm tempered single layer; 3 mm polycarbonate single layer; 3 mm + 2mm polycarbonate double layers.
  • Hinge: Standard hinge is galvanized steel hinge; aluminum hinge & stainless steel hinge are available for morestrength and strong resistance to oxidation.
  • Operation: Electric operation or chain hoist manual.
  • Track: 2’’or 3’’ track.
  • Wicketdoor: The equipment with an integrated wicket door offers unhindered passage.
  • Safety: Spring break device; Defending falling down device; Sensor.

Finishing Option

Standard finished include white (RAL9010 ), light grey (RAL9006) and clear anodized finish.

Premium finishing options include:

  • RAL color powder coat;
  • Custom powder coating;
  • Bronze, dark bronze, black or custom color anodized finishing.
  1. 2-1/4″ durable commercial grade finger pinch aluminum frame for a low-maintenance, long-lasting door
  2. Tempered glass, polycarbonateor solid aluminum frame panels.
  3. joint seal between sections for additional weather resistance and can be fitted to meet wind load building requirements.​


Panel Design: Recessed aluminum panel
Material: 6063-T6 aluminum
Joint Design: Tongue and groove finger pinch with built in reinforcing fin
Thickness: 40mm
Standard max width : 8000 mm
Standard max height : 6000 mm
Standard finish: 204R-1 clear anodized(painted white at no charge)
Center stile width : 68 mm
End stile width : 84 mm
Top rail width : 60 mm
Top intermediate rail width : 54 mm
Bottom intermediate rail width : 40 mm
Bottom rail width : 95 mm
Weatherseals : EDPM
Standard springs : 10000 cycle
Track : 2″
Mounting : Angle
Operation : Motorized or Manual pull rope
Hinges and fixtures : Galvanized steel or aluminum stainless steel

Commercial Hardware

10,000 cycle torsion springs or can be upgraded to 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 expected life cycles.

Spring break device
In case of the spring broken, this device will stop the door from falling by blocking the solid shaft firmly.

C-shaped 2” or 3” track
track forming machine&bending machine assure the tracks right shaped, straight and with smooth surface.These high quality tracks make the door move smoothly and noise less.

Commercial 10 ball steel rollers with options for nylon tire rollers.







Galvanized steel hinge, high intensity, fine appearance.

In the case of cable broken, cable break device will stop the door from falling by catching into the vertical track with the blade mounted on the side.

the lip of the side seal will press on the outside surface of the door panel after the door installation.

The aluminium bottom seal will cling to the ground completely along the full length of the door width when the door is closed.

Aluminium top seal lip will cling to the wall when the door is closed.

lastic handle, color black

The spring bumper is to prevent the door from rushing out of the track accidentally and provide a proper force to help the door start to move down

To enforced the wide doors, galvanized steel reinforce profile will be installed on every panels; its unique designed shape gives optimum stiffness at the lowest linear meter weight.

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